Can 2016 Really Change A Girl ?

15 March 2016

Let me be honest  my Instagram feed is killing me ! in a good way though ,

every single time that I open my Instagram al I see or these models with the most beautiful body’s like how do they do that !

 And yes  I’ve seen and heard  “well it’s fake “  and yeah I know some  of the girls aren’t all that natural but!

There are plenty of girls that work out every single day, eat the most healthy foods and have the most
beautiful results and yes I’m jealous I mean look at them and tell me that you don’t want that..

After  some serious reevaluation and watching every single snapchat of DJ Khaled  I decided to start this
year by being healthy, positive, making the best of myself  or at least try to be.

“The key is to never give up and especially stay away from they, they don’t want you to succeed”
Trust me, add this man on snapchat  ( @djkhaled305) and you will start reevaluate  your life !

You know what, no I won’t try  to be, I will be, I mean a positive mindset is everything right ?

And yeah I know we’re like three months in to 2016 but  I decided that now it’s the perfect moment

to start, I just turned 16 last week and this year I want to make it the best year so far!

I’m almost finished with high school  than after that I’m going to fashion school and  I just stared working on the weekends, I will start working out every single day  and focusing on me.

But one of the most important  goals is  working   like every day on my blog and YouTube channel  and of course studying my brains out  because all I want now is to graduate and go to fashion school with a positive mindset and a killer body.

So yeah you may say 2016   got this girl blushing ;) .

Lets win more - Dj Khaled

If you got any tips on how to become your better self or even if you just  want to share your journey and thoughts comment down below.


Girl blussh

Pimp me Beee!

11 August 2015

Beyonce has partnered with Flash Tattoos and the collaboration of Beyonce & Flash tattoos has turned out perfect!       They've created a custom line of metallic body art.

Founder Miranda Burnet said in a statement: “We’re thrilled to welcome BeyoncĂ© to the Flash family! Working with her has been incredible 

she brought really original and beautiful ideas.
We came up with a pack that we are all really proud of and excited to wear. 
The collection is an edgier take on traditional jewelry.
we wanted to focus on making a strong and empowering statement with the designs that embodied BeyoncĂ©, fierce, fabulous, and flawless!”
For the past year, Beyonce has been rocking the temporary tattoos on her Instagram, she even gave us a sneak peek of her custom beehive design a few months ago.

the set, which features a mix of lyrics, guns, and beehive-inspired imagery. The 57-piece pack costs $28
available to purchase right now at